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Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Laura Lee

Faith, I know this is so selfish of me, but I'm so dreading the end of the ride. I really do think I'll have withdrawal symptoms when there's no new daily blog posting to check out. But I know this has been a tremendous undertaking for you and Peter, and surely you will be glad to be back to your routine and family. Take care...we're all cheering you on these last few miles!!!!


i join all of those people that hate to see this end! I will miss your stories. Hey Faith--how about "it is what it is"?? lol stay cool


Keep going! There's lots to see in Canada:)

title ideas:
"Share the Road! Share the Ride"
"Bike Shorts Are Important"
"Cycling with Luggage"
"4 Wheels, No Backup"
"You Draft for Me, I'll Draft for You"
"Spinning Out of Our Hub"
"A Big Bike Ride"
"Picturing an Odyssey"
"Three Months 'til Home"
"Ready, Crankset, Go"
"Shifting Gears"
oooooooo.... that last one is pretty good:)

Mike A. Schwab

Touring the East Coast Greenway

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