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Saturday, February 05, 2005


Kevin Moker

Hi Faith,

Yes, faith it's Kevin. I had actually thought I found an organization that I could be loyal to but that fact has changed. It's amazing because “they” (St of CT) actually thinks that MetLife will keep jobs in Hartford. Oh, yeah, maybe for a few years but little by little they will pick the TLA folks off. Take a look at Saint Paul Travelers. The former TPC folks are getting picked off like they’re on CBS' Survivor.

Anyway, I just thought I throw my two cents in. I feel bad for those people who have been there for years and gave their lives to that company. I pray to God that I never find myself in that position. All I keep thinking is that I need one good idea, just one.

Keep in touch.



You have never been anything but kind to me, Faith. Never mistake being brutally honest with lack of kindness. It is not kind to tell someone what they want to hear, rather than what you think. I see you as a woman who says what she thinks. That makes you cool in my book.

Ride baby Ride. Do it for all of us who can't, won't, are afraid to, don't want to, would never dream of it or have yet to dream of our own bold and daring adventure.

I love you!



Hi Faith. It's your cousin Frank. Good luck on your trip. It sounds like a pretty cool thing.

I really miss not getting any of your poetry. If you remember send some more out this way. I showed everybody the book you sent. My cuz is published, not everybody can say that.

Write me when you can. I'll write more later.

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